… hugely accomplished, telling endlessly evolving stories imaginatively through movement. The whole piece is rich with detail and held together with skill and precision. It was ambitious, subtle, inventive and at times downright beautiful.                                                                                                  Circles&stalls


 Go slowly or you might fall (Va Adaxo che amannaman ti càzzi in genovese dialect) is a collaboration with actor and director Nicholas Figgis.

In early 2016, Nick and Virginia spent time interviewing their grandmothers. These interviews became a rich source for an exploration into themes which seem to repeat themselves through every individual and collective human life. These range from intensely private, personal experiences relating to love, loss, solitude and longing, hope and despair, to our perception of world events which seem to repeat themselves, often sending nightmarish shock waves through our consciousness.

The work is an investigation into the nature of memory as a malevolent or benevolent story teller whilst raising wider questions about how a society obsessed with consumption, sex and material success deals with the presence of the old, dying and infirm.

Concept, performance and sound design: Virginia Scudeletti & Nicholas Figgis

Supported by: Clarence Mews Studio, 3sA Crowd Collective, Spazio Saravà and Arti’s Studio

Previous performances: Ugly Duck London, Emergency Festival Manchester