THIS IS IT is a duet composed in real time, unfolding the relationship between two women and the depth of their friendship and complicity.
Typhaine and Virginia make use of a formalised and unique language made of signs and rhythm. Although patterns and repetitions might recur, the content of each show is ever so slightly different and tailored to each specific audience. Viewers might find themselves part of the performance (although only willingly and with no proximity involved), they might laugh, cringe, wonder what is going on or recognise familiar situations.
Touching peaks of tenderness as well as the grotesque, the performers are humorous and light hearted. They bring the concept of love and care to an extreme, allowing themselves to be vulnerable and to create moments of shared exhilaration.
As believers in prioritising the process other than the product, Typhaine and Virginia let the show develop in waves of action and stillness, composing and performing in real time and letting themselves be affected by the present moment in history, the present moment in the space.


Performances: Battersea Arts Centre, A bit of a do festival 2019, Vaults festival 2020.